Workshop: the poetic of the senses – intro on sensorial language by Gabriel Hernandez and Jean-Marie Oriot

Poetic of the space. Imagination as a protagonist


Introduction to sensorial language.


Gabriel Hernandez / coach, theatre director, actor and technical-director of the company Teatro de los Sentidos, Colombia – Spain. Co founder of Navigators, Sensorial theatre and Research Belgium

Jean-Marie Oriot. The maker of sensorial installations and founder of De Generaal. Maker of visual installation of Teatro de los Sentidos. Masterclasses: Poetry of spaces, nature of the performer in participative performances and the creation of sensorial images. Co founder of Navigators, Sensorial theatre and Research Belgium

NAVIGATORS at STORMKOP, Droogdokkenweg, 2030 Antwerp, Belgium

4 sessions from the 17th till the 20th of January 2019.

200 euros

From 18:00h till 21:00h


We will create an experience for all the participants involved in the workshop: artists, teachers, any person who would be interested on this new language.
The workshop seminar is an experience to rethink the use of the spaces and the participant’s memories, to a new look from a sensory perspective.

The main objective is to have a transforming experience that enriches and engages the participants’ imagination and that evokes emotion and thought.

• To discover expressive and communicative possibilities that goes beyond conventional interactions. In other words, we propose to go beyond the limits of usual theatre studies by integrating body knowledge into the staging elements and to use them as the central resources of sensory language.

• To rediscover our body and its environment, letting us be guided by sound, fragrance, taste.

• To stimulate the dormant senses in order to develop all our expressive potential.

• To promote the development of this methodology designed to animate a place (a classroom, a gymnasium or any space imaginable) and recreate it poetically.

The workshop has a physical side, opening the body, to be prepared to receive sensory stimuli with a different awareness than the usual, and not only to receive but to give as well.

We will create exercises of balance, weight, equilibrium, and stability to awaken all the senses, many more than the five that we know. Sharpening the capacity to perceive, body memory work.

Once the body is prepared, we will work more deeply with sensory memory, smell, taste, touch, surroundings and we will create small experiences in which the public can participate.
The students could create journeys to tell stories with their own bodies, using the space darkness silence props.


What is sensorial theatre language, introduction
The game as a tool for learning to perform
The aromas and the relation with the memory.
What’s the relation between, actor- inhabitant: public -Traveller

• The empty space / the labyrinth as a stage?
• The body in space / Movement
• The art of Listening / the silence
• Body memory
• Imagination, Image – Action
• Memory Objects
• Smell, touch, sound
• Inhabiting a space
• how to sculpt in darkness, create a blind and guide experience
• Creating small experience, sensory installation.